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General Info[]

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Doctor of Zixia Clinic He Laoshi, Zixia Dong


  • Player level Losing Self 12

Note: It is recommend to first complete the quest Basic Flower Lightfoot at Gathering Chi 1, because this quest will be much easier with Lightfoot.


  • 143 Experience
  • One of:
    • 10 Heavenly Herb (the Internal Wounds Treatment, not the Elixir)
    • 10 Calendula


Zixia Dong.jpg

Shi Zhang.jpg


Part 1[]

Talk to He Laoshi. He will send you to Wang Sengu in Laogou Village in Shi Zhang because he forgot the name of a herb.

Part 2[]

Talk to Laougou Clinic Wang Sengu. He will tell you the name of the herb: Egui Leaf.

Part 3[]

Return to He Laoshi and talk to him. Type

Egui Leaf

Note: The answer is case-sensitive.