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This is an achievement quest. Once you reach a certain level for your character (Opening Chi 1 or level 25) you will receive this quest

Accepting the Quest[]

You are not required to kill any mobs or perform any tasks. All that is needed is to go meet with a NPC who is offering a reward for your character's level achievement.

For White Clans, the NPC is Songshan Clinician Zhao Bobai (in Zhengzhou). Look for the blue exclamation marker in the ingame map.

Reward Details[]

Item descriptions are as follows:

Huatuo's Panacea: Revives one from near-death or coma states.

When you are near death after being defeated by a mob, right-click on this item. A confirmation window will pop up asking if you want to use the Reviving Elixir. Click yes to revive your character. This only works once and the item will disappear from your bag. (Note on the item icon: that's not a mistake. A bug appears to have caused it to have no graphic at all.)

Lion's Roar: Can talk to all players in the game for two minutes.

Right-click on the item. A confirmation window appears that says: "Use Lion's Roar? You will be able to shout for 2 minutes" Click yes to start. There are 5 Lion's Roars so use it wisely!