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The Black Dragon Clan is one of the Advanced Clans in 9Dragons.
They are believed to be allied with the Black Clans.
Their preferred Weapons are Scythes.
Little else is known about them.

Clan History[]

If legend is true, and The Emperor Heavenly Demon was indeed a human possessed by demons, than The Thunder Emperor is more likely a demon incarnate, with no sliver of humanity within him whatsoever. Though the final Duel of Nine Dragons has proven that he can be defeated, it is doubtful that he can ever be vanquished. And even now his forces marshal to bring his opponents to a mounting state of crisis, the likes of which The Land has never seen.

Since ancient times, Dragons have been regarded as noble creatures, but this notion is wholly symbolic. If one could imagine the true aspects of a Dragon incarnate, its mammoth size, its vicious fury, the twin blast furnaces that are its lungs and the Hyperborean surface of its skin…one might catch a glimmer of understanding of The Thunder Emperor and his true relationship to The Land.

Kung Fu Style[]

Disciples of The Thunder Emperor are given varying degrees of mastery over the animal kingdom by their overlords, over beasts both natural and supernatural. Little is known of their martial arts, however it is rumored to be akin to the forms of such beasts themselves, both ruthless and savage.

The Thunder Emperor[]

Credited with starting The War of Nine Dragons, The Thunder Emperor is a foreigner to The Land, with not the slightest glimmer of humanity within him. His past life is unknown and it is said that no man knows his destiny. It is also said that he wields the strength of twenty masters and can kill a man with a single blow. Although presumed dead, his body was never recovered. Though the final Duel of Nine Dragons has proven that he can be defeated, it is doubtful that he can ever be vanquished.

As to evidence of his unforgiving nature; one of his high-ranking Black Dragon advisors was captured and interrogated by the leadership of Wu-Tang Clan. After weeks of torture, he finally revealed some of his master’s secrets. Apparently The Thunder Emperor is merciless against his own clansmen and uses arcane methods to teach them his Black Dragon Kung Fu techniques – and to control them as well. Upon revealing all that he knew to the leaders of Wu-Tang, the captured Black Dragon disciple somehow managed to steal a sword from a guard and impaled himself to death on it.