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Blood Essence

Blood Essence, often abbreviated BE, is a rare item in 9Dragons. Because it is so rare, it is often used as a unit of currency. A refined spear, for example, may be given a value of 5 BE.

Getting Blood Essences[]

There are a few ways one can get Blood Essences.

  • As a random drop from mobs, but in The Cave of The Conqueror there is a higher rate for BE. Also mobs drop a higher amount of BE. For example instead of getting 1 BE per one mob you can get (2-3) BEs per one mob.
  • As a drop from bosses, such as the in a Dungeon. Either in The Choice of Fate (CoF) or The Valley of Hell (VoH).
  • From completing your blood count
  • From various chests
  • By buying them from another player. As of 11th July 2010, the BE price is 1-2 thousand per stack (255)
  • As of 9th August 2010 the price for BE on Bardo (EU) is approximately 12 - 17 million, PER 1 ESSENCE
  • As of 21st April 2011 the selling price of BE on Phoenix is approimately 600 - 700 thousand per 1 BE
  • As of 23rd June 2011 the price fof BE on Nirvana is approximately 700 - 900 thousand per 1 Blood Essence
  • By exchanging 20 Lucky Gold Coins at the refine NPC in Hefei

Using Blood Essences[]

Blood Essences can be used to purchase refinement materials that can be used to refine your weapons. By speaking to Merchant Luo Renqiu (212 by 163) in Hefei and he will give you refinement materials in exchange for your Blood Essences.

Also be positive to use dragon scales and dragon tears to preserve your BE's and wepons.