The BvW War is an event held every weekend in which the black clans fight the white clans for permission to enter the secret 5th level of the Conqueror's Cave. During the war, a Hermit and an Overlord spawn in Bloody Plains whereupon the sides must compete to kill the opposing sides leader first. Blacks must kill the Hermit while whites must kill the Overlord.

Upon death of one of the leaders, the side that wins gains the ability to go into CC without being affected by the poison for 2 hours. The 5th level of CC is also opened, and the highest level players on server race to CC5 in order to try and kill the highly prized True General Wei.

Once TGW is killed, the player who contributed most to killing him gains the Killer of True General Wei epithet and the entire white or black side gains a 10% critical rate increase for 6 hours. Players have to be logged on in order to receive buffs.

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