The typical Character window. The player is a Golden Blossom 5 Wu Tang White Tiger with the "Killer of Shen Mo" Epithet.

The Character window lets you see your character's stats and attributes. It can be opened and closed by hitting the C key or by clicking on the large circle in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  • The character's name, level, clan, role, and epithet are listed at the top of the character window. In the picture here, the player's name is omitted.
  • The items held in the player's pockets are shown on the left hand side of the window. Boxes with a slash through them represent potential pockets that the player does not actually have.
  • The centre column shows the decos and bags held by the player, as well as their primary and secondary equipped weapons.
  • The right column shows the clothes worn by the player.
  • The centre row shows the player's rage and experience percentage.
  • The bottom left side shows the player's stats, such as damage, HP, VE, and Karma, among others.
  • The bottom right side shows the player's attributes.
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