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Chi Kung, abbreviated CK, is very similar (both in appearance and function) to "magic" in other MMORPGs.
Note: Chi Kung skills are called "nukes", and Chi Kung Artists are called "nukers"


Chi Kung Stats

As in most other games, Chi Kung stats are different than the normal (melee) stats.

  • CK Damage: This determines the amount of damage inflicted by a successful hit.
  • CK Defense: This determines how much of the damage inflicted is prevented. Players have noticed that 1000 CK Defense will severely decrease the damage inflicted.
  • CK Attack Rating: This determines how often your attacks will hit your opponent, as well as the likelihood of scoring a Critical Hit when you hit our opponent.
  • CK Dodge: This is the counterpart to CK Attack Rating, and determines how often you will dodge your opponents' attacks.

These stats can be increased by changing your Essence and Wisdom:

  • Essence: Increases base Damage and Defense.
  • Wisdom: Increased Attack Rating and Dodge. Damage is also increased for skills over Cheng 5.
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