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Chi Kung, abbreviated CK, is very similar (both in appearance and function) to "magic" in other MMORPGs.
Note: Chi Kung skills are called "nukes", and Chi Kung Artists are called "nukers"


Chi Kung Stats[]

As in most other games, Chi Kung stats are different than the normal (melee) stats.

  • CK Damage: This determines the amount of damage inflicted by a successful hit.
  • CK Defense: This determines how much of the damage inflicted is prevented. Players have noticed that 1000 CK Defense will severely decrease the damage inflicted.
  • CK Attack Rating: This determines how often your attacks will hit your opponent, as well as the likelihood of scoring a Critical Hit when you hit our opponent.
  • CK Dodge: This is the counterpart to CK Attack Rating, and determines how often you will dodge your opponents' attacks.

These stats can be increased by changing your Essence and Wisdom:

  • Essence: Increases base Damage and Defense.
  • Wisdom: Increased Attack Rating and Dodge. Damage is also increased for skills over Cheng 5.