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Clan Contribution is a secondary attribute that is used like money for certain clan services.

Getting Clan Contribution[]

In every clan base there is a special NPC that will give a player character Clan Contribution Points for item or money donations.

When donating items, the amount of Clan Contribution points varies. In general, animal parts (e.g. snake skins) will result in more points. Also, donating the weapons that a clan uses for its skills (e.g. swords and gloves for Wu Tang) will result in more points than other weapons. Such weapons generate the same number of Contribution points as the price in gold when sold to an NPC.

When donating gold, the exchange rate is 1 Contribution point for 5 gold.

Using Clan Contribution[]

Buying Clan Skills[]

Clan skills can be bought for Contribution Points from the General Skill Teacher or (after picking a role) from the Role Skill Teacher in the clan area.

Creating a Hero Band[]

For 5000 Contribution Points, a player character who has reached Raising Light 1 can create a hero band at the same NPC that accepts the donations (see above).