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General Information[]

The Conqueror's Herb is a consumable item that provides a limited duration immunity to the poison in the Cave of The Conqueror.

There are three different kinds of herb:

Item Duration
Conqueror's Herb: Low Level 10 minutes
Conqueror's Herb: Medium Level 20 minutes
Conqueror's Herb: High Level 30 minutes

How to get[]

The herbs can be found in Conqueror's medicine chests. These chests can be found only in Bloody Plain, all around the entrace to the cave. A chest contains a random number (1-3) of a random type of herb. The chests do not require a key, but must be attacked to be opened. After the chest ist "killed", the herbs appear on the ground. Unlike a normal mob drop, the herbs can be picked up by anyone immediately, although it is considered rude behavior to pick up someone else's herbs.

The herbs can also be traded, so it is possible to buy them from other players.


Consuming a herb starts a buff called Shield: Will, with a duration depending on the type of herb consumed (see above). While the buff is active, no further herb can be consumed. The buff stops the continuous Life drain effect in the Cave of The Conqueror while it is active.