9dragons Wiki

Critical Hits[]

Critical hits are special hits which will deal significantly more damage than your regular hits. You can recognize them by their different sound and visual sprites; the damage number will display in red and you will hear a whip-like sound.

Critical Hits effects[]

If you take a critical hit from a monster, it will be accompanied by wounds. If received from another player on a PvP map, your Life will lower faster than with regular hits. A critical hit will also deal more damage to any opponent when you manage to deal one.

Critical Hit Rate[]

Your critical hit rate determines how often you will deal critical hits.

Critical Hit Rate as a Secondary attribute[]

There is a specific Secondary attribute for Critical Hit rate which does not display on your character screen, probably because it is expressed in relative values (x/10000). It can be influenced directly by certain weapon attributes, such as Blue Viper, Red Earth, Red Dragon and Wan Daye's. It is also meant to be influenced by higher level skills not yet implemented in Acclaim's version of the game.

Secondary attribute influencing Critical Hits Rate[]

Attack rating and dexterity also bring a variance in the Critical Hit rate. The higher your attack rating and dexterity is, the more likely you are to deal Critical Hits in a combat.

Balance is also rumoured to affect your critical hit rate, but no official statement has been made about it.

Critical Dodge[]

Your Critical Dodge determines how likely you are to completely avoid critical hits and have your opponent miss instead.

Critical Dodge as a Secondary attribute[]

Just like Critical Hit rate, Critical Dodge has a specific Secondary attribute which cannot be seen in the character screen. It acts as a counterweight to Critical Hit Rate. It is however rarely influenced by weapons; it is usually improved by garnments, accessories, relics and premium items.

Secondary attribute influencing Critical Hits Rate[]

Critical Dodge is influenced by the same stats as the Critical hit Rate.