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A debuff is a skill that lowers a character's attributes or stats and may inflict an irregular status on the character. As of patch 41, the following debuffs are present: (incomplete list)

  • Bleed - Gradually lose HP every 3 seconds.
  • Paralysis - Character cannot move, but can still attack and use abilities. The camera cannot be moved.
  • Stun - Same as paralysis, but the character cannot attack.
  • Slow - Character moving speed is reduced.
  • Silence - Characters cannot use Chi Kung skills, nor can they meditate.
  • Distraction - Attack rating is reduced.
  • Disoriented - Mouse controls are inverted.
  • Revival Aftereffects - Attributes and moving speed are decreased.
  • Weakness - Attack is reduced.
  • Lower Defense - Defense is reduced. The icon is identical to that of slow and weakness.
  • Penalty - A penalty for attacking or killing a player in a safe zone. Guard will attack you if you have this penalty.
  • Disrupted Nerves - Cannot meditate, Attack or use abilities, can still move and move camera, inversion of Paralysis.
  • Invulnerability - This grants a player invincibility and they will not receive damage. Despite seeming like a buff, attempting to use some techniques will generate the "X cannot be used due to a negative condition" error message.

Some mobs and bosses have debuffs that do not fall into any one category, such as HP/VE decreased by X%, tangled steps, and a few more.

In addition to debuffs, there are also buffs that boost your attributes and stats.