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A Deco is an equippable item that overrides the appearance of a player character's clothes and bag.

A player character can equip only one deco at a time. It will appear in the slot to the left of the weapon slots in the Character Window.

Decos are gender-specific, i.e. a male character cannot equip a female deco and vice versa.

Clan Decos[]

Item Mall Decos[]

Various couple of Decos can be bought using CC(Gamescampus Credits) .These Decos mostly copy the Decos worn by Mobs or Four Gods Clan decos,Beast Clan Deco,Golden Coins Deco,etc.Each Item Mall Deco that can be bought can be a 30 days one(390 CC)or a permanent one(990 CC).The permanent Deco has 2 slots and a player may add up to 4 slots.

The 30 Day deco has 4 empty slots as standard and includes the following Stat boosts:

Critical Rate increased by 1000/10000(10% increased critical rate)

Movement speed increased by 10%

Damage & Chi Kung Damage increased by 50

Physical/Chi Kung defense increased by 50



Item Mall Decos list: Bandit's Garb

Secret Shadows Master[]

Secret Shadows Leader[]

Beast Clan Master[]

Beast Clan Disciple[]

Golden Coins Master[]

Golden Coins Disciple[]

Blue Dragon Warbdrobe[]

Red Phoenix Wardrobe[]

Noble's Wardrobe[]

White Tiger Wardrobe[]

Black Tortoise Wardrobe[]

Master Bandit[]

Blue Bamboo Wardrobe[]

Warm Wardrobe[]

North Sea Wardrobe[]

Gold Dragon Patterned Top[]

Event Decos[]

Sometimes events contain decos as quest rewards, such as the Santa Deco for the Christmas Event.
Event Decos have limited duration.