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Defense is your character's ability to withstand physical damage (as opposed to Chi Kung damage). The higher a character's defense is, the less damage that character will take when they are hit.

Increasing Defense[]

Defense can be increased in 5 ways:

  1. By leveling up - Every time you gain a level, you gain 1 defense
  2. By increasing your Strength - Each Strength point gives you 6 defense
  3. By using certain relics or weapons that either increase defense directly or increase your strength (which increases your defense indirectly)
  4. By wearing certain Epithets that increase your defense
  5. By using a buff that either increases your defense, or increases your strength (which indirectly increases your defense)

Defense Thresholds[]

There are some defense values that are of some significance.

  • Every 100 point interval has a small impact on damage taken
  • Every 500 point interval has a moderate impact on damage taken
  • At 2000 defense, there is a notable decrease in damage taken. Most nukers will have at least 2000 defense at higher levels.
  • 2500 is the defense "cap" at which point additional defense does not have a noticeable impact on damage taken. Most melee builds will have over 2500 defense at higher levels.