Affiliation: Neutral (affiliated with Shaolin)

Current Leader: Identity kept secret

Lost Dragon: Jun Weiming, “The Iron Fist”

Weapon: Jun Weiming’s fortified bare hands are his weapons.

Kung Fu Style: Iron Fist was previously aligned with great forces of evil, but has since sought enlightenment and repented his dark past. He has gathered and recruited many talented and high ranking Vagabond disciples from other Black Clans who have likewise repented. These disciples have all brought various high-level Kung Fu and Chi Kung techniques that they freely share, to the clan, thus creating a deadly variety of martial arts for new disciples to train. The deadliest among them are Jun Weiming’s Iron Fist techniques.

Clan HistoryEdit

Little can be revealed at this time, as the clan’s headquarters have not been established, and only high-level disciples who have cut their ties to their former clans are invited to join. Those that have joined keep the clan’s secrets well protected. When Jun Weiming renounced his dark ways, he formalized his clan to unite all nonaffiliated rogue Vagabond disciples under a single banner, and freely shared his martial arts knowledge with them.

During The War of Nine Dragons, much to the surprise of the Black Clans, Jun Weiming marshaled his forces and aligned with Shaolin. He became one of the legendary Nine Dragons who took part in the momentous Duel of Nine Dragons that led to the end of the war and the sealing of the major clans.

Unbeknownst to the majority of those who dwell within The Land, his clan lives on in seclusion. Now and again a messenger in gray robes ascends Mount Song Shan to visit Shaolin Temple, and returns with four sealed envelopes, each bearing the seal of The Iron Fist.

Jun Weiming, “The Iron Fist”
Little is known of Kung Fu Master and Clan Dragon Jun Weiming’s life before he founded his clan, save that he was a favored disciple under one of The Black Clans. At some point, he became enlightened and left his dark master behind, perhaps slaying him, perhaps not. What those who have met him seem to agree upon is that he has the unmatched hands of a master of masters… and the romantic, woeful heart of a poet.


It is currently unknown how the player will be able to join the Disciples of Iron Fist clan. This will most likely become clear either just before or after the release of the advanced clans patch.


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