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Elixirs are consumable items in 9Dragons that can give a character a permanent attribute increase (sometimes a decrease). The attribute and increase depend on the type and level of elixir used. For example, a level 2 wisdom elixir will give a maximum increase of +3 to your wisdom.

Acquiring Elixirs[]

Elixirs can generally be acquired in 7 ways:

  1. As a very rare drop from mobs
  2. As a reward from a chest (in a dungeon)
  3. They can be bought from other players
  4. By completing Collection Quests (Levels 1-3 only)
  5. By completing resource collections (Levels 1-3 only)
  6. They can be purchased from an NPC in a starting village for 100,000 gold (Level 1 only)
  7. They can be purchased from the Item Mall (Levels 1-4 only)

Consuming Elixirs[]

Elixirs can only be consumed if the following 4 conditions are met:

  1. You satisfy the level requirement
  2. You are in Peace Mode
  3. You have successfully consumed an elixir of a level below that of the elixir you wish to consume - To consume a level 2 elixir, you must first successfully consume a level 1 elixir for that same attribute
  4. Your intoxication level is not over 200


Intoxication is a special stat that increases whenever you consume an elixir. Whenever an elixir is consumed (either successfully or unsuccessfully), your intoxication rises.
When your intoxication is over 100, the likelihood of failure when consuming an elixir increases.
When your intoxication is over 200, you cannot consume an elixir.
Your intoxication level decreases over time.

Elixir Supplements[]

There are 3 types of items can can increase the benefits of using elixirs:

  • Elixir Softeners - These increase the probability of success (Eg. Lotus Leaf, Purple Lotus Leaf)
  • Elixir Fortifiers - These increase the attribute increase upon success (Eg. Blood Mushroom, Blue Stone Mushroom)
  • Elixir Neutralizers - These decrease the penalty upon failure (Eg. Nine Boiled Soup)

Dungeon, Non Dungeon, and Premium[]

  • Non Dungeon: Elixirs that do not fall into the following 2 categories are considered "Normal" or often "Non-Dungeon" Elixirs. These can only be found as a drop or purchased from an NPC or from one of the Collection Quests. These are the only elixirs that can be used for collection quests.
  • Dungeon: Elixirs with "[Dungeon]" after the name are found from chests in a dungeon. These cannot be used for any Collection Quests. It is believed that the increase upon success is higher than with normal elixirs, but this has not been confirmed.
  • Premium: Elixirs with a gold border are bought from the Item Mall and cannot be used for any collections, sold, or traded to another player. They are always consumed successfully.

Elixir Summary[]

Level Requirements Elixir Names (STR, CON, DEX, ESS, WIS) Attribute Increase
Level 1: Losing Self 1 Violet Flower Fruit; Changnao Ginseng; Five Leaves Herb; Blue Mind Tablet; Jade Spirit Liquid. +1 to +2
Level 2: Losing Self 1 Gold Spirit Fruit; Heavenly Ginseng; Golden Stem Herb; Nine Yang Tablet; Biaoxian Liquid. +1 to +3
Level 3: Losing Self 1 White Heaven Peach,Kings Ginseng,Heavenly Herb,Violet Leaf Tablet,Crystal Liquid. +1 to +4
Level 4: Gathering Chi 1 Nine Leaves Fruit; Nine Leaves Root; Nine Leaves Herb; Nine Leaves Tablet; Nine Leaves Liquid. +1 to +5
Level 5: Opening Chi 1 Buddha's Fruit; Millenium Ginseng; Fire Spirit Herb; Fire Spirit Tablet; Earth Spirit Liquid. +1 to +6
Level 6: Raising Light 1 Hundred Herb Fruit; Millenium Herb Root; Five Elements Herb; Five Elements Tablet; Sarira Liquid. +1 to +6