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Experience is a point system that controls when a player may gain a level.
The experience shown in game is different than most console-based RPGs, in that it is shown as a percentage, as opposed to a number. For example, your experience points would be shown as 80% instead of 800 (out of 1000).
When your experience exceeds 100%, you gain a level. Having your experience at 100% will not gain you a level due to rounding errors.

Experience can be gained in two ways: by killing mobs (the process of which is called grinding), and by completing quests (not all quests will reward you with experience though). With very few exceptions, quests will generally give you 5% experience.

Experience is lost when a player dies, unless they use a Huatuo's Panacea, but the amount lost depends on where they want to revive. The amount lost is decreased if the player has a premium package.

  • On-the-spot: 15% (10% with premium)
  • At an inn: 5% (3% with premium)
  • In the clan base: (awaiting confirmation)