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"To flame" is the action of aggressively posting in most online forums, chats, comment systems etc. Flaming can appear in many forms and variations such as writing in Caps Lock, repeating of punctuation marks, swearing, over-use of smilies, unusual text colors and fonts, or just an unusual or offensive speech/language can lead to classing texts, post or fragments as flame/flaming. The most common type of flame that most online communities recognize, is cursing, defaming or inappropriate communication with other users.


Flaming is deeply disliked by most online users, administrators and moderators due to decreasing the reading fluency and speed of any reader, and also for creating argues between the community. Although sometimes funny, the offensive language often used in flaming can lead to aggressive responses or, in most cases to locking or even the deletion of the discussed post ( representing another issue which truly creates discomfort in any online debate: locking or deleting someone else's post by flaming), whereas flaming in chat systems can result in temporary or permanent ban.


  • I Neeeeeeeeeeeeed 1 BE!!! ^Note1
  • I don't need this #@&* from you !
  • Ur M@mma is soooo pooor, she can't even afford to pay attention XDXDXD
  • You know what ? You're stupid, why don't you quit this game already ?
  • ^Note2


  • Note 1, using yellow as font color is very difficult to read. It is easily mistaken for flame, so try to avoid it.
  • Note 2 Feel free to add some creative and not infamous Flames.