General InfoEdit

Type: Roads to the Dragon

Quest Giver: Sacred Flower Elder Celestial Crone, Zixia Dong


  • Player Level Gathering Chi 1



Zixia Dong


Part 1Edit

Talk to Celestial Crone. She will ask you to collect 5 Poison and 3 Venom.
You might already have some of these items, so check your Quest Window.

Part 2Edit

Defeat Zombie type mobs till you get 5 Poison:

Part 3Edit

Defeat Blood Zombies till you get 3 Venom.

Part 4Edit

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Return to Celestial Crone and talk to her. She will offer to teach you one of these skills:

  • Mind Coordination - Basic Flower Meditation
  • Lightfoot - Basic Flower Lightfoot
  • Protective Chi Kung - Basic Flower Protection

If you pick Basic Flower Meditation or Basic Flower Protection, she will send you to the Chi Kung Training Ground.

Part 5Edit

Go to the Chi Kung Training Ground and train the skill you got from Celestial Crone.

Part 5Edit

Return to Celestial Crone and talk to her.

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