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GamersFirst(or G1 for short)is an MMORPG game service found in Irvine,Californa.G1 brings games from Asia to North America,Suuth America and Europe.GamersFirst is the publisher of many MMORPG including 9Dragons itself.9Dragons servers were reopened on 16 spetember 2010 ith no existing characters from the Acclaim database,later creating the template characters for players who completed the "Reclaim your Character" action.However Gamersfirst rebuilded only characters above Sun and Moon 1(level 72).The equivalent of Acclaim's "Acclaim Coins" on GamersFirst servers are"G1 Credits".Their function is pretty much the same as from Acclaim Coins.

  • As of 16 september 2010 9Dragons was reopened on G1 servers
  • as of 28 june 2011 G1 did not add anything new to 9Dragons Item Mall
  • because the characters started from zero the whole monetary system was destroyed and the system restarted from zero as the first time the game was published
  • as of 28 june 2011 prices for most of the searched item are:

Blood Essence(BE)=600000-700000 (600K-700 K)

Golden Thread(low level) (GT low)=100000 (100 K)

Peng You Lightfoot(The tome known as "Antidote of the Cave)=3800000 (3,8 KK)

Flowstone(low level) (FS low)=100000 (100 K)

Fan of Blue Dragon=300000-500000 (300 K-500 K)

Fan of Red Phoenix=300000-500000 (300 K-500 K)

Floding Fan(Fan of King Yellow Dragon)=300000-500000 (300 K-500 K)

Fan of White Tiger=2000000 (2 KK)

Fan of Black Tortoise=2000000 (2 KK)

Caligraphy Books=300000-500000 (300 K-500 K)

Statues of The Five Generals-500000-600000 (500 K-600 K) 9Dragon's new official website: