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While the storyline behind General Wei is not covered in-game, it has been hypothesised that he comes from an amalgamation of a few different people from chinese literature, with a bit of artistic exaggeration thrown in so we don't have to go through a history lesson. Needless to say anyway, the two General Weis are highly sought after due to the rewards offered by them (especially true for TGW.) General Wei is found in CC4 and spawns like every other normal map boss (with the exception that he is often heavily camped and guarded) while TGW spawns only after the conlusion of the BvW War. TGW can be found in the secret CC5 level.

General Wei[]

  • Level: FC7
  • Drops: BE, EC4 15% critical weapon, BK & GK karma plates, 300 damage and CK damage wristbands Bloody Marble Of Earth & Heaven,FC Hermit Weapon.

True General Wei[]

  • Level: GL1
  • Drops: BE, 300 damage and CK damage wristbands, EC4 30% ,level 5 and 6 elixirs Bloody Marble of Red Shout & Wan Daye Weapons
  • kg/em stalks