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Guards are NPCs that patrol specific areas.

All guards have a very high level (240) and as such, they will always be "red" to all player characters.

Guards will attack player characters that satisfy specific conditions on sight. Guards will also defend themselves against attacks by any player characters. Clan base guards and neutral guards will also attack mobs.

Neutral guards[]

Neutral guards usually patrol village entrances and map exits in all maps beyond the 1st level maps.

They attack mobs as well as player characters with a Safe Zone Penalty.

  • Government Soldier
  • Imperial Army, Master Hand
  • Infernal Army, Bloody Hand
  • North Sea Guard

Clan base guards[]

Clan base guards are present in all 1st level maps.

They are usually located at the clan base entrances, the map exits and the village entrances.

Clan base guards attack mobs and all player characters except Vagabonds and members of the resident clan of the map.

Clan guards[]

Clan guards patrol the disputed maps on specific paths.

Dark Clan guards will attack white clan player characters and vice versa. All Clan guards will attack masked player characters.

  • White Clan guards
    • Blue Sword of Wu Tang
    • Defender of Shaolin
    • Beggar at Arms
  • Black Clan guards
    • Black Storm of Heavenly Demon
    • Ebony Lady of Sacred Flower
    • Windsman of The Brotherhood