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Hangzhou is one of the 4th level maps in 9Dragons (the other being Nanchang).
It is a disputed map, meaning that both White and Black Clan disciples can enter it, but is mainly a black clan map.
The guards here though, will attack and kill all White Clan members they find.
Hangzhou is appropriate for characters from level 67 to approximately 107 (FD7 - EC6) (after which point, they go to Liaodong.

Points of Interest[]

  • The Wild Tower, a dungeon for higher level players (Floral Crown +) can be found near the east side of Hangzhou.
  • The Mansion of Golden Coins, a dungeon for very high level players (Golden Lotus +) can be found in the centre of Hangzhou
  • An exit to Nanchang can be found at the bottom of Hangzhou.
  • An exit to Liaodong is located at the top-middle of Hangzhou.