Hefei is the central hub of the 9Dragons world, connecting to every map except Liaodong and North Sea Icy Palace. Hefei is also the central marketplace, where players often sell their items. There are many NPCs here of significance, notably Wan Daye, who rewards you with very powerful weapons for completing collection quests, and Mo Tailan, the master refiner who will allow you to refine your weapon, making it more powerful. This is the only map that connects to the Bloody Plains. Also, it is the only way for a player to reach the upper level maps, Nanchang and Hangzhou.

  • The Master Refiner can be found just below the "M" in "Hefei Marketplace"
  • Wan Daye is located just above the "G" in "Duel Ground 8"
  • The other collection-related NPCs can be found slightly north-east of Wan Daye
  • The Doctor, General Store, and other typical NPCs can be found just to the north of the Master Refiner
  • Masks can be purchased from a Black Market located near the "s" in "Arena of Hero Bands"
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