9dragons Wiki

What is a Hero Band?[]

A Hero Band is a group of people, from the same clan, who join together. They help each other out with things, like quests and boss-hunts. A Hero Band usually has a goal or something that the members stand for. For instance, The Monks of Zhike stand for helping people, and are against PK. The members, together, will work towards this goal. Joining a Hero Band can make the game much more fun. It brings some variation into the endless grinding, and it lets you meet more people.

Hero Leagues[]

A Hero League is formed when two or more Hero Bands join together (max. 5). The Hero Band that requests an alliance with another will automatically be the leading band, and the league will be named after that band. Important is to join in a league with bands who share the same goals. It would be weird to have one band against PK and another for it, in one league.

How does a Hero Band work?[]

In a Hero Band there is the Band Master, who initially formed the band. And possibly some leaders (the other founding members are automatically leaders). The Band Master can grant leadership, and remove it. To do so, press the V key. Select a member from the list shown there, and choose 'grant admission' or 'remove admission'. The Band Master and the Leaders can all invite new members. A handy part of a Hero Band is the Hero Announcement. The Master and Leaders can all write messages, that will be shown on the community page (V button). If you're band is having any events, it is handy to put that here. To speak to your Hero Band in the chat, use the & tag.

Forming a Hero Band and Hero League[]

To form a Hero Band, one must be at least Raising Light 1 (lvl 49), and have completed the Road to the Dragon quest. Once you have done this, you need to find 4 more people to become the founding members of the band. Together with these people you have to go to the NPC who takes care of clan contribution and select 'Create Hero Band'. This will cost 5000 contribution points. You choose a name, and then the band is created. To invite more members to your band, select someone, open the menu and select 'Invite to Hero Band'. The maximum members in a band is 40. To form a Hero League, hero band master must request an alliance with another hero band master. To do this, select the person, and choose 'Request Alliance' from the menu.