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A Hero League is an alliance of Hero Bands. The League's name is that of the band that extended the invitation to form an alliance. A league can be contacted through the chat by using the @ tag.

Benefits of Hero Leagues[]

Being in a hero league is useful as it lets player access a large, friendly base of players. These players may be of higher levels and can provide help in gaining epithets,items or other things a player might need. Fortnightly, SvS is also held in which the winning League gains control of the fortress.

Creating a Hero League[]

A hero league can be created by the Band Master's of the Hero Bands that want to create the league. The Master of one Band must select the Master of the other Band, and select "Create Alliance".
The name of the League will be that of the Band that extended the invitation. For example, if the Master of LeagueA invites the Master of LeagueB into a league, it will be called LeagueA.