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Indy21 is an independent Asian online game production and development group based in South Korea, set up in March 2000 by CEO, Yin Crane.

In 2001, Indy21 released that they were planning a new MMO martial arts title to be known as, "Kowloon hegemony", which was to be released to the Asian market.

"Kowloon hegemony" was said to be based on the east end of the Ming Dynasty in a Chinese martial arts world. It was put that "Kowloon hegemony" was going to have plenty of martial arts action, to be rich in role playing action, together with the mysterious oriental culture, the Asian market was given high hopes.

Closed Testing started in 2002 and was finally released to the Asian market in 2005.

"Kowloon hegemony" has been marketed in Vietnam, Taiwan, North America and Europe. North American distribution operation was to be carried out by well-known game publisher Acclaim, while Europian distribution was to be carried out by Persistant Worlds. Both North America and Europe versions were to release "Kowloon hegemony" under the title, "9Dragons". Open beta testing for North America and Europe was to be carried out commencing January 2006. Later, Persistant Worlds ceased distribution and closed their doors. Indy21 then granted Acclaim European Distribution Rights for 9Dragons.