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Jinan is one of the 3rd level maps in 9Dragons (the other being Datong).
Jinan is a White Clan map, and only White Clan members can enter it.
On Asura, it is the first map where White Clan Disciples can engage in PvP with other players. It connects to Zhengzhou and Hefei, but an exit to Bloody Plain can also be found, although it does not work.
Jinan is appropriate for players from level 49 to level 72 (RL1 - FD12), after which they go to Nanchang.

Points of Interest[]

  • A non-functioning exit to Bloody Plain can be found above the "L"s in "Ninefold Valley"
  • The Bears (a popular mob) can be found between the "V" in "Curved Plain" and the bridge to its north
    • Note: Many Player Killers enjoy fighting with other players near here
  • Shen Mo spawns in two locations: To the north-west of the "C" in "Curved Plain" and north of the first "G" in "Soul-stealing Stronghold"
  • The Valley of Hell, a dungeon for level 90+ players is located in the south-east corner of Jinan.