This page is about the Kung Fu Window. For information about using Kung Fu, please see Kung Fu

UI - Skills

A typical player's Kung Fu Window

The Kung Fu Window allows a player to view all of his Kung Fu skills, as well as their details, such as level, experience, VE cost, range, recast time, and more.

The Kung Fu Window is divided into 3 sections:

  1. The top allows the player to filter his skills by type (Vagabond skills, basic clan skills, Meditation skills, Lightfoot techniques, etc.) The categories you can filter your skills by varies based on the Clan and Role of your character.
  2. The middle sections offers "flavor text" about the skill types, such as background, significance, and possible applications.
  3. The bottom, which occupies roughly 75% of the window, allows a player to view his skills. The picture on the left is the skill icon, which is unique for each skill. Beside the icon are the skill name and experience. On the right side, he can see the level, or Cheng, of each skill. By left-clicking on a skill, the player can view details such as skill type, VE cost, damage, range, recast time, casting time, and more. By left clicking on the icon, the player can "pick up" the skill and move it to the Quickslot bar. Also, by right-clicking on the icon, the player can assign the skill to the first empty Quickslot.
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