Lightfoot is a running technique in 9Dragons that allows the user to run across the land at incredible speeds.

Lightfoot is, along with Meditation and Steps, the only Kung Fu that can be used in Peace Mode.

*Note* With the new user interface you no longer need to asign lightfoot to a quickslot
To activate it, Simply hold down the left Alt key.
You can deactivate it at any time by releasing that key.
You will always run in the direction that the camera is facing. To change directions, rotate the camera with either the arrow keys or with the mouse.
Lightfoot will automatically deactivate if you try to cross terrain that you could not normally cross, such as a wall or a cliff.

There are currently three forms of lightfoot available:

1. Cruising Along - Vagabond Lightfoot.A player autmatically learns it after starting a quest in Bamboo Village.I looks like the Demon Fire Lightfoot without the red visual effect

2. Basic Clan Lightfoot - Learned from either a quest or a Sifu, depending on your Clan

3. Advanced Clan Lightfoot - Learned from a tome when Basic Clan Lightfoot is level 10.

*Note* Advanced Lightfoot tomes can be bought from players or found by mob drops.

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