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All 4 types of Lion's Roars.
Clockwise from Top Left: Clan, White, Black, The Land

A Lion's Roar (often just referred to as a Roar) is an item that allows you to use the Chat Window and have your message be seen by every player in the server. Each roar lets you be heard for 60 seconds.

Types of Roars[]

There are 4 types of Roars available:

  1. Clan - Only members of your Clan receive the message
  2. White - Only members of White Clans receive the message
  3. Black - Only members of Black Clans receive the message
  4. The Land - Every player on the server receives the message

Acquiring Roars[]

Roars can be purchased from the Item Mall on their own, or as part of a premium package. The details are as follows:

Item Name Type of Roar Number of Roars Price (Coins)
Lion's Roar (Clan) Clan 10 210
Lion's Roar (White) White 10 210
Lion's Roar (Black) Black 10 210
Lion's Roar (The Land) The Land 10 315
Premium Package (7 Days) The Land 3 1000
Premium Package (30 Days) The Land 10 1500
Premium Package (90 Days) The Land 40 4000

Using Roars[]

Roars are quite simple to use. The directions are as follows.

  1. Right-click on the Roar
  2. Click "Yes" on the popup to confirm that you want to use it
  3. Open the Chat by hitting Enter
  4. Begin your messages using a %
  5. Chat normally

Once you use it, you only have 60 seconds to Roar, so it is best to decide what you want to say before you use it.