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General Info[]

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Storagekeeper of Zixia Couriers Guild Huo Shengjin, Zixia Dong


  • Player Level Losing Self 5


  • 14 Experience
  • Huo Shengjin's Red Jade Silk Wristbands


Zixia Dong.jpg


Part 1[]

Talk to Huo Shengjin. He will ask you to get 3 Pouches and 3 Big Pouches.

Part 2[]

Defeat Scamp type mobs till you get 3 Pouches and 3 Big Pouches:

  • Timid Scamp
  • Arrogant Scamp
  • Wicked Scamp

Part 3[]

Return to Huo Shengjin and talk to him.