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Welcome to the 9Dragons Wikia Project

This wikia is about the popular Martial Arts MMORPG 9Dragons.
9Dragons, owned by Indy21 and published by GamesCampus is an MMORPG that is set in Ancient China. It takes elements of real Kung Fu, and combines them with elements of Chinese history and mythology to create one of the best Martial Arts MMORPGs around.

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  • First, think about which Clan you want to join
  • Second, think about which Role you want
  • Third, learn some technical information, like the Level System and How to level up
  • Next, learn about PvP and decide whether you want to play on Yin , Yang or Tao
  • Take a look at the Interface Overview and learn how to control your character
  • And if you still want to do a bit of reading, check out Karma, Items, and Elixirs
  • If you still want more to read, just click here!

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