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General Info[]

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Blacksmith of Zixia Smithy Bai Yijin, Zixia Dong


  • Player Level Losing Self 10


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  • 56 Experience
  • One of:
    • Bai Yijun's Flying Wheels
    • Unknown green dagger
    • 1000 Gold

This is a timed quest. After completing Part 1, you have 20 minutes to complete Part 3. Otherwise, the quest is failed.


Zixia Dong.jpg


Part 1[]

Talk to Bai Yijin. He will ask you to defeat 10 Blood Zombies in 20 minutes.
This starts a 20 minute countdown.

Part 2[]

Defeat 10 Blood Zombies. Without Lightfoot, you need about 90 seconds to get here.

Part 3[]

Return to Bai Yijin and talk to him before the 20 minutes are over.