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Meditation is a group of skills with two effects:

  • Increase all damage and defense, max. Life and max. Vital Energy
  • Recover Life and Vital Energy to maximum.

How to use[]

In order to recover, you must activate meditation by clicking the meditation button or press the 'P' key. Recovering continues until you've either recovered completely or are interrupted. An interruption is anything that scores a hit against you, either a mob or another player. Currently there is no known way to cancel manually your own meditation once you have entered it.

Meditation will however be automatically interrupted by any kind of damage dealt to your character or upon logout/disconnection.

To get the buff effects of the meditation skill, put the skill in a quickslot and activate it. When activated, Meditation will continuously use Vital Energy.

Meditation skill[]

As of patch 41, there are 5 different meditation skills available to a character that has joined a clan.

Basic meditation is a Vagabond skill.

Furthermore, there are two clan meditation skills and two role-specific meditation skills.

In order of increasing effect:

  1. Basic meditation
  2. Basic clan meditation (e.g. Basic Wu Tang Meditation)
  3. Basic role meditation (e.g. Meditation of White Tiger)
  4. Greater role meditation (e.g. Greater Meditation of White Tiger)
  5. Advanced clan meditation (e.g. Meditation of Heaven and Earth)

The higher the number above, the faster one can recover with it, and the greater the bonus given by that particular meditation. Advanced clan meditation is an exception to this rule, as it has the same bonus effect as Greater role meditation, but uses less Vital Energy when active.

How to Learn Meditation[]

The basic meditation skill can be bought (for money) from the Martial Arts Teacher in the villages in the starter maps.

Requirements: None

Basic clan meditation can be bought (for Clan Contribution points) from the General Skill Teacher in the clan area.


Basic and Greater role meditation can be bought (for Clan Contribution points) from the Role Skill Teacher (Senior Role Name) in the clan area.

Prerequisites (Basic role meditation):

  • Picked a role (Level requirement: Opening Chi 1)
  • Basic clan meditation reached Cheng 8

Prerequisites (Greater role meditation):

  • Level: Revolving Chakra 9
  • Basic role meditation reached Cheng 8

Advanced clan meditation can only be learned from a Tome, a random drop starting at Sun and Moon level.


  • Basic clan meditation reached Cheng 10.


  • A Tome can be bought or earned by a Roads to Dragon quest to Level up the meditation to Cheng 11 or 12(same for advanced Lightfoot)