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This page is about the Map Mount Yanmo. For the quest, please see Mount Yanmo (Quest)

Mount Yanmo is one of the starting, or 1st level maps in 9Dragons, and is home to the Heavenly Demon Clan.
It is a Black Clan map, and members of White Clans cannot enter.

Points of Interest[]

  • Clan Contributions can be made West of the "H" in "Heavenly Demon"
  • All Role instrcutors can be found south of the "G"s in Training Ground
  • The Role Change can be done by speaking to an NPC found near the entrance to the Cave of Light.
  • The Knife of White Shadows Miniboss can be found near the two map exits, to Hefei and Shi Zhang or west of the "B" in "Bloody Mound", around the zombies.
  • New players will start in Huoling Village

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