NPC is the abbreviation for Non-Player Character, a character that exists within the game, but which is not controlled by a player and does not actively interact with a player, save dialog. Some typical NPCs are Innkeepers, Doctors, and Weapon/Clothes Shop owners.

Role of NPCsEdit

NPCs often serve 2 purposes within the game.

  1. They sell items at a set price and buy items at a set price. This helps regulate the economy.
  2. They are used in quests. Often, a quest involves speaking to an NPC and performing some task they ask you to undertake. When the task is complete, you return to them to claim your reward.


A DNPC is a Dynamic Non-Player Character that again, is not controlled by a player, but one that interacts with a player (also frequently called a Mob).

Role of DNPCsEdit

The most common DNPCs to find in a game are monsters. These are considered DNPCs because they are not controlled by a player, and the players actions cause them to react (attacking or approaching them causes them to attack you). Another role in 9Dragons are the guards that are present in most towns. These DNPCs also react to various character actions, such as being attacked, or by finding you in another clan's base.

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