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One of the positive aspects of Patch 44 was that it made the European Server realm accessible. Between Patch 44 and this one a "Test Server" was available to access who contained a Bardo snapshot made in January 2008. This Patch followed right after the transfer from Bardo-USA to Bardo-EU. Transferring the server database took ~12 hours and got compensated with a full week of events.

Content Changed

  • European "Test" became Bardo after the transfer.
  • Old USA Bardo got removed from list.

Issues Fixed

  • The invite friend light foot event got fixed (This event was not officially released yet)
  • Fileplanet event serial number bug fixed.
  • Entering Hefei from clan map bug got fixed. It caused black clan people to appear in front of white entrance and vice versa.

Issues Introduced

  • No known issues got introduced in this Patch.