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From Patch 44 until this patch, there was a "Test" Bardo server that was physically located in Europe. This server used data taken from the actual Bardo server in January 2008, and was used for testing purposes. This patch allowed players to access the new Bardo-EU server, which was located in Europe, as opposed to the now defunct Bardo-USA server, which was located in California. This was done to reduce lag, ping times, and disconnects for European players. Transferring the data to the new server took approximately 12 hours, and the Bardo-EU server enjoyed a full week of events to celebrate this event.

Content Changed[]

  • European "Test" became Bardo-EU after the transfer.
  • Bardo-USA was removed from list.

Issues Fixed[]

  • The invite friend light foot event was fixed (This event was not officially released at the time though)
  • Fileplanet event serial number bug fixed.
  • Entering Hefei from clan map bug was fixed. It caused players to appear at the incorrect entrance.