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Patch 49 was released on June 26 2008, and was expected to release the new Icy Palace map, as well as fix the drop rates in the Conqueror's Cave as well as the dungeon drop rates. The experience rate was also to be readjusted to players level 120+ who have been experiencing a severely reduced experience rate. GM Phew gave an ETA towards the beginning of June that the next patch would be released that month, and would include a new map, fixed drop rates, and a corrected experience curve.

Content Added[]

  • North Sea Icy Palace map implemented.

Issues Fixed[]

  • Few Road to dragon bug quest bugs fixed.
  • Drop rates fixed - Some players have noticed increased drop rates, but some drop rates like slotted dungeon clothes and elixir supplements have not been increased. This was due to technical issues with the new map that prevented this from being adjusted.
  • Experience rate increased for all characters above CS1 (lvl 121).

Issues Introduced[]

  • Some users (it seems mainly the Floral Crown characters) had their experience reset to 0 for that level. For instance, a FC2 character at 25% was reset to FC2 at 0%. This was a one-time occurrence though.
  • Unbalanced XP curve: High Golden Blossoms (about lvl 95) to high Floral Crown (120) characters gain experience at a lower level than those who reached Crimson Snake (lvl 121). This will be fixed in the next patch when the experience curve will be readjusted for all players.