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Patch 51 should have been a bug fixing release, since it changed the beviour (in PvP ) of one hybrid technique players usually call paranuke, it has been credited with being the first step from the game staff to balance the Player Versus Player part of the game.

Issues Fixed[]

Bearing in mind the official release notes, the fixed issues are:

  • 1) The Road to the Dragon (tragic words II) and other quest bugs.
  • 2) The Wild tower dungeon name translation was done - confirmation needed.
  • 3) Dungeon drop rates for CS4 (and above) level players.
  • 4) Drops from General Wei and True General Wei. It is uncertain what the bug itself was.
  • 5) Black Market npc trade and item selling bug (Zhengzhou and Shi Zhang) - confirmation needed.

Issues Introduced[]

  • Official information on the decrease of the hybrids' technique duration (All those who have chosen the Hybrid role/class, now experience a 2 second effect in PvP of their paralyze attack. Before this patch the technique resulted in a 5.4 seconds paralyze) called it a "bug"; Acclaim Phew however started a vote to hear the players' opinions about this apparently random issue. It is expected that this "accidentally" try to balance the combat between different classes in 9Dragons will be retained.