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This patch removes the Chinese New Years event, adds the Frech version now selectable from the Launcher Window and a Blood Essence event. Plus more listed below.

Content Changed[]

  • French Version now available as a selection.
  • Refinement Package Introduced to Item Mall (Please see thread in General Discussion)
  • New monsters in NSIP
Added higher level mobs for players to level on. (163, 166 and 169)
  • Language Select Function moved to the Launcher Window
  • New year’s event removal
  • Blood Essence Event
Drop rate for Blood Essence has doubled for the next 3 weeks.
Refinement Package available for the next 3 weeks.
  • Quest Extension
You can now have 20 Active Quests instead of 5.
  • Skill window extension.
You can now have 80 skills on your character instead of 60
  • File Planet serial event(it was removed before)

Issues Fixed[]

  • Bracer Durability bug
  • Map Roar now available.. but drains VE.
  • Rudolphs in Niurvana Removed
  • War timings