9dragons Wiki

- Valentine�s day event removal
- Vault of Rising Dragon � New dungeon
- Blood Essence drop rate change � back to normal
- Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German update
- XP booster & Drop rate increasing Items
- Epithet Event in NSIP removal
- Pass of Vault of Rising Dragons collection in NSIP(Yang Jun)

- Nuker Attack rating drop
- Mastery modification

Bug Fix
- Skill description changed
- Blacksmith Bug
- Hybrid self buff (for all clans)

Skill Modification

Liaoshang Healing, Healing of Enchanted Land, Healing of The Sun, Healing of The White Cat, Hermit Healing of Violet, Demonic Healing of Ice
Change: internal wounds recovery -> Life recovery for 15 seconds
Protection of The Universe, Summoning Spirits of Griffin, Greater Diamond Art of Protection, Armored Art of Diamond, Fortitude Art of Iron, Demonic Protection of Thunder
Change: Becomes invincible for some time -> 100% attack success for some minutes

Sound of Begging, Enchanting Spirits of Luck, Xumi Art of Luohan, Basic Conqueror's Art, Xuanxu Art of Earth, Demonic Confusion of Darkness
Change: Increase Attack rate -> Target's damage is increased by %d whthin %d radius for %d minutes.
Azure Dragon Smashing, Smashing Wheels of The Dance, Smashing Pole of Power, Smashing Spears of Destiny, Smashing Spears of Destiny, Infernal Saber of Ghosts
Change: Target�s Defense Reduce (Highest Cheng -> Defense 150/100%/cooldown 2 seconds/duration 30 seconds) -> Target�s Defense Reduce (highest Cheng -> Defense 250/ 60%/cooldown 10 seconds/duration 12~21 seconds)

Mastery modification

Drunken Fists of Eight Hermits, Plum Flowers Dagger Attack, Luohan Fists of Great Arhat, Fierce Axe of a Conqueror), Boundless Fists of Deva, Bloody Hands of Massacre Application rate increased by ~% -> Increase maximum/minimum damage(10%, 5%)