9dragons Wiki


1. New weapon combining system.

Can add sockets to weapons using new item : Separator
A weapon can have up to 2 slots.

Can reduce weapon level requirement using new item : Groove Cutter (Store and Monster drop)

Refined Weapons cannot be used for combining. NPC and Wan Daye weapons cannot be combined.
The 'NEW' weapons and Blood Dragons weapons can be combined.

Weapon combining can be done from all Blacksmith NPCs. Weapon combination will always succeed.
Items combined with supplementary items cannot be further combined.

2. Item bonus/XP bonus card are now tradable

3. Cash outfit: options added(option: Critical rate increased by 10% , Movement speed increased by 10% , Damage increased by 50 , chi kung damage increased by 50)

4. Smithy in Jinan sales list changed(weapon for white clans)

5. Lighting Axe Collection fixed

6. German version Bug fix(client used to crash during teleporting)

7. Quest name fix ... Bandits at Xinnam Vilage (V) ->Bandits at Xinnam Vilage(Last)

8. New Cash Items

Mastery Reset Pill

Vault of Rising Dragon Passes
New deco - Golden Dragon Wardrobe (M)/Red Peony Wardrobe (F)

Ornament Detachment Tool