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- Implemented Clan Wardrobe (Permanent) and it is available at the following NPCs :

The Brotherhood of Thieves : Tai Changbao
Heavenly Demon : Xu Tongchao
Wu-Tang : Han Daoju
Shaolin : Lu Dai
The League of Beggars : Gao Guanchu
Sacred Flowers : Jiang Ru

- Black market dealer in the Cave(3rd floor) and deleted all the other dealers.

- Quest for Black Market Dealer(lever 73)

- Collection for Master Refiner Mo Tailan and Cave of the Conqueror Black Market Dealer(need to gather 20 Lucky Gold Coin and can exchange with Blood Essence)

- Can go to the Cave by Couriers' Guild Transport Pass

- Golden box spawn (It has Lucky Gold Coin and the box are spawn on random spots on maps)
While Purchasing items from the new black market, there are chances to get Lucky Gold Coin instead of the item you purchase, the lucky gold coins can can be use to trade Blood Essence from the new collection. You will get the items you purchase with random boosted stats. However you will not get the item you purchase if you get Lucky Gold Coin