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Patches 53, 54, and 55 were implemented on August 8, 2008 for an event to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics. A 6 hour buff would be given to all players when they logged in during the Olympics, and the buffs would increase in potency. A small quest was added and players would receive a deco and a hat for completing it.
The patches were released in rapid succession in order to correct bugs introduced by the previous patch.

Content Changed[]

  • A short quest that rewards players with a panda hat and a swimsuit deco was introduced. The items last 15 days and give player +6 to all attributes, +300 HP and VE and +6% to their Critical Dodge rate.
  • Players will receive a 6 hour buff whenever they log in between August 8 2008 and August 24 2008. The buffs increase in strength as the date nears August 24.

Issues Fixed[]

  • A bug relating to the panda hat was removed.
  • A graphic bug introduced by the swimsuits was removed.
  • The event dates were corrected.

Issues Introduced[]

  • The bugs mentioned above were all introduced in these patches.
  • A skill bug was introduced, allowing players to increase all of their buffs to Cheng 12, past the current maximum of Cheng 10.
  • A text bug was introduced, changing the values in some of the skill descriptions.