9dragons Wiki

In 9Dragons, there are two stances that a player can use: Peace Mode and Combat Mode. You can change stances by either clicking on the spearhead on the skillbar or by hitting the Tab key.

Peace Mode[]

You must be in peace mode in order to do anything that is not considered combat. This includes reading a tome or manual, consuming an elixir, or opening a stand to sell items. When you are in peace mode, you will recover HP and VE. Also, you cannot use and Kung Fu, except for Lightfoot when in peace mode. It takes less time to open a chest when you are in peace mode, making dungeons slightly easier. When a player revives or enters/exits a dungeon, they will automatically be switched to peace mode.

Combat mode[]

Players spend most of their time in combat mode. This is the stance required for using Kung Fu, so players will be using this stance whenever they are grinding. The only times a player will leave combat mode are when they want to perform an action where they need to be in peace mode.