General Info

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: None. The quest starts automatically when the prerequisites are fulfilled.




The actual locations depend on the starting area you chose in the 9Dragons training school quest. Wei Yuxiang usually stands near the village center. The other NPCs you need to talk to can be located with the Find an NPC button below the minimap.


Part 1

Talk to Wei Yuxiang. She will give you an Old Blade and tell you to sell it at the weapons shop.

Part 2

Talk to the local Blacksmith. He will give you a Pouch for the Old Blade.

Part 3

Talk to Ren Shaojun again. She will give you a Herb Pouch for the Pouch and send you to the local Doctor.

Part 4

Talk to the local Doctor. He will take the Herb Pouch and give you a Bundle of Herb to deliver to the Drapery and a Pot to deliver to the Martial Arts School.

Part 5

Talk to the local Seamstress. She will take the Bundle of Herb.

Part 6

Talk to the local Sifu. He will take the Pot.

Part 7

Return to the Doctor and talk to him. He will give you a Pouch.

Part 8

Return to Wei Yuxiang and talk to her.

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