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General Information[]

Quest Items are special items that are acquired (and usually also lost) during quests.


Quest items cannot be dropped on the ground, put in a stand, traded to another player or put into storage.


In most cases, quest items don't have any special functions themselves, they are only used to provide content to the quests.
Notable exceptions to this rule are the special items that allow entrance into the clan bases:

Table of Quest Items[]

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Name Remarks Picture
A Pair of Jade Earrings These earrings belong to Hua Yan and are used in multiple Roads to Enlightenment quests in Mount Yanmo.

By completing the quests, the player will eventually get both earrings as separate Accessories: A Warm Jade Earring and a Cold Jade Earring.

A Pair of Jade Earrings.jpg
Celadon Liquor Bottle Celadon Liquor Bottle.jpg
Celadon Porcelain Celadon Porcelain.jpg
Dirty Strip of Clothes File:Dirty Strip of Clothes.jpg
Incense This item allows its owner to enter the Shaolin temple grounds. Incense.jpg
Occult Bead Occult Bead.jpg
Qingfeng's Letter Qingfeng's Letter.jpg
Small Knife File:Small Knife.jpg
Thief Yang's Stick Thief Yangs Stick.jpg
Trinket (Quest item) Trinket.jpg
Xu Sanzhao's Ring Xu Sanzhaos Ring.png