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okay, now this is how i levelled up when i started playing also this methods gives you a lot of cash......

Just after starting the game opt for the tutorial.this gives you the stick and also you learn basic meditation.

AFTER COMPLETING the tutorial sell the stick you get, this gives you 200 gold :P

now buy a decent weapon and the training weapon too...equip the training weapon

use the rest of the cash to learn the basic techniques .

go and fight fight and fight to earn money and items, sell whatever you get and buy some clothes using the money

after each level up assign 1 pt to dex. 1 to essence 1 to consitution and2 to strength.....

fight only with those characters whose names are given in white,yellow or orange DO NOT go for reds as they will kill you and greens and blues arent worth fighting..

follow this tutorial untill lvl 12

attempt the chi breathing test complete it and always remember to sell what you dont need

after entering gathering chi you would know what to do!!!!

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